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Dental crowns and bridges
Dental Surgery
Canal fillings
Restorative dental treatments and dental protection
Teeth whitening
Dental jewelry (dental tattoo)
The dental ceramic veneers
Physiognomic obturations (fillings) imitating the natural colour of the tooth
What are dental crowns?
Metal crown
Porcelain fused to metal crown
Porcelain fused to zirconium crown
Pressed porcelain crown
How to choose the type of dental crown? Which type of crown is better?
How is the price for a dental bridge calculated?
Fixed dental bridge on implants
What are dentures?
Conventional total denture
Partial acrylic denture
Simple partial removal denture
Removal denture with special fixing devices
How much time is takes to get accustomed to the denture?
Stages in manufacturing a denture
Recommendations for denture care
How much time do dentures last?
Dental extraction
Extraction of wisdom molars (teeth)
Root resections for frontal and lateral teeth
The history of the dental implant
The surgery and treatment plan
The panoramic X-ray
Cat scan
The stages in inserting the implant
The prosthetic stage
The advantages of the BICON system
Why the Bicon implant?
Price of implant; Costs of implant; Prices of implants
Final remarks and general advice for the dental implant
Implantology information
Sinus lifting
Bone addition
The panoramic X-ray
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