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The digital age has brought great benefits to dentistry and we were keen that we should feature clinics utilizing the latest technology throughout their practice.
This was perhaps one of the easiest points to satisfy as so many clinics in Romania have modernized relatively recently in the last 17 years:a time when dentistry through out the world was just starting to utilise the benefits afforded it by the digital age.
Our initial visits to clinics always turn up some new and surprising technologies

Dental Units have different accessories and functions which give a higher quality to the medical act:
-auto-desinfection system – gives to the patient more confidence in hygiene and in the work conditions





-the turbine features optic fiber.
This helps the dentist by giving him a better visibility on the work zone.






Intraoral cameras – A picture is worth a thousand words.
Intraoral Cameras allow us to provide more accurate diagnosis by magnifying digital images of your teeth and mouth on the computer monitor.
The added benefit to you is that you get to see everything that we do, and thus participate better in your treatment decisions. Informed patients are our best referral sources.
The doctor will no longer need to describe a pathologic lesion; just take a picture of it.





Demetron shade light - Put an end to shade discrepancies with the Demetron Shade Light.
Perfect neutral (white) light, also known as north sky daylight, has been proven to be best for judging true tooth colour. All light has what is called a "colour temperature" or spectrum.
The higher the temperature, the broader the spectrum becomes. Perfectly neutral light gives off a colour temperature of 6500ºK. Without enhancement, normal operatory lighting gives off a colour temperature well below neutral light.
This shorter spectrum of light is what makes matches difficult. But by using the newest technology in lighting lamps that give off the same colour temperature as neutral light we have successfully captured north sky daylight for you and put it right in the palm of your hand.



Autoclav – our stericalve is acorging with EN 13060 -the applicable European standard, relating to small steam sterilizers
It has a sealing tool for better keeping of steril instrumentation.


Composite materials for filling are 3M-Espe(produce Usa – Germany).

Filtek™ Supreme XT - the most innovative composite specialy creat for Aesthethic Dentistry

Materials for single use:

glass,needles,gloves, oral absorptive

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