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The obturations (fillings) used in the Dental West offices are made of materials which imitate the natural colour of the tooth. The old amalgam was replaced by the latest photopolymerisable composite materials.

The main features of these materials are:

-increased adherence to the enamel

-a very low coefficient of expansion-contraction at various temperatures, unlike the classic amalgam which has an increased coefficient that often causes cracks in the walls of a tooth filled with such an amalgam.

-resistance to abrasion

-increased hardness

The Dental West offices use 3M materials which are pioneers in the area of discovering and producing photopolymerisable composite materials starting from 1964 and are world leaders on this market segment.

These materials help obtain dental aesthetic effects especially for the front teeth, effects such as:

-repairs to remedy the defects concerning the colour and shape of teeth, the gap between two teeth by means of veneering. The price of a filling using photopolymerisable composite materials differs according to the dimensions of the oral cavity as follows:

-superficial obturation =80 ron

-medium obturation = 100 ron

-big obturation = 120 ron



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