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Guarantee Dental West – dentistry in Dracula’s Land


For fixed prostheses:
-Crown and bridge: 1 year
-Fillings: 1 year

For removable prostheses:
- Partial dentures: 1 year
- Full dentures: 1 year
- Implantation (for the structural elements of the implant):  1 year

Scope of the guarantee will become null and void if the patient:

- maintains poor oral hygiene
- fails to comply with the instructions of the clinician
- incorrectly stores and treats or improperly uses the removable prosthesis such as a partial or full dentures
- did not turn up at the check-up in the previous year
- has gingival or bone recession
- damaged the dentures in an accident
- lost or put on considerable weight within a short period
- has a modified dental status caused by the side effect of a general disease (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, X-ray, chemotherapy)
- has had a treatment by a different surgery without a preliminary consultation.

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