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Equipment of Dental West

The digital era has brought great benefits to dentistry.

For Dental West clinics implementation of new technologies and materials is a priority and a fundamental direction to follow because these factors decisively help the physician in achieving a correct and complete medical act.

We hope that from one visit to another you will discover new technological surprises.

The system for panoramic radiographs and dental 3D imaging (CT) - Kodak 9000 3 D

The equipment is the most important element in radiology.

Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, inventions and materials, a new generation of equipment provides a lower level of radiation (X-rays) and a much higher protection for the patient compared to the old equipment.

Our Center for Dental Radiology uses the Kodak 9000 3D complete digital  - made in Germany. The most important advantage of digital radiography is the reduction of radiation by up to 90% compared to classical dental radiology.

Tooth whitening with Profijet (Air flow)

Profijet whitening polisher is used for cleaning and removing stains on teeth, coffee /red wine stains, dental plaques, etc. when the teeth are sufficiently white and do not require professional gel bleaching.

Profijet bleaching consists of spraying the tooth with a high -pressure  jet that mixes air, water and sodium bicarbonate crystals.

This teeth whitening method is an option without any chemical action on the tooth but mechanical action using bicarbonate crystals.

The effect of this, is to bring the teeth to their usual color (their natural color).

The price of a whiplash with a profijet is 50 ron for an arcade.


Whitening bleach - whitening accelerator


Dental West uses one of the most advanced whitening lamps in the world.

This lamp is controlled by an internal microcomputer which accurately and efficiently activates the bleaching gel for deep bleaching.

The difference from other lamps is that this one combines the blue light used to activate the whitening gel with infrared light to calm the sensitivity of the teeth during or after the bleaching treatment. Infrared light can be set even with blue.

The whitening treatment lasts between 20 and 30 minutes after which it is used to activate the infrared light mode as a treatment for desensitisation of the teeth.

The price of whitening accelerating whitening teeth is 300 ron.


Laser whitening light


The laser whitening light is similar to the whitening acelerator, with the difference that the light which acts on the whitening gel is actually a laser.

The advantage of laser whitening is that laser bleaching lasts longer.


Dental units

They are equipped with accessories and functions that increase the quality of the medical act such as:

- a self-disinfection system which gives patients greater confidence in hygiene and working conditions

-the turbine is equipped with fiber optics.

This equipment helps the doctor through a better visibility of the area where he works.


Dental microscope


The Leika M 320 High End dental microscope with built-in video / photo camera is the best microscope on the market (according to http://www.dentalcompare.com/Restorative-Dentistry/4410-Dental-Operating-Microscope-Dental-Microscopes) due to Multi Focus special features that provide up to 40x mangaining.


In endodontics, precise treatment does not only depend on the abilities and knowledge of the dentist, but also on the clear and detailed view of the surgical field.

The correct outcome of an endodontic treatment is influenced by several factors that are not visible to the naked eye, for example: additional root canals or anatomical variations - great enlargement and form. Because of this magnification and illumination, the dental microscope has become indispensable for both diagnosis and treatment.

Today, it is widely accepted that the use of dental microscopes has helped to expand the potential for endodontic treatment.

A dental microscope such as the Leica M320 can provide significant visualization benefits at all stages of endodontic treatment, from diagnosis and exposure of the access cavity to preparation and final treatment.

APRF / IPRF Duo Centrifuge


The concept of PRF (Fibrin Rich Platelet) is based on complete bloodless blood centrifugation without anticoagulants. (J. Choukroun et al., 2001).


At the end of centrifugation, a fibrin clot containing the majority of platelets and white blood cells is obtained.

This fibrin clot called PRF (Platelet Riche Fibrin) will also gradually release growth factors or cytokines in the site (VEGF, PDGF, TGF Beta, Trombospondin).

The expected objective of these growth factors is to accelerate the healing of soft tissues and bone.

Numerous international publications are available and demonstrate the efficacy of PRF in various indications: oral surgery (implants, bone grafting, periodontal surgery, extractions, etc.), orthopedic surgery, cosmetics and dermatology.

Today, PRF is recognized worldwide, from Nice to New York, from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from Rangoon to Moscow, from Sao Paulo to Cape Town, Santiago to Zagreb ...

Its effectiveness is certainly proven.



Sinus lifting

Dental implants

Bone addition

Periodontology extractions

Facial cosmetics - lip augments, wrinkles


Intraoral camera - A picture is worth a thousand words.


Intraoral camera allows us to give a precise diagnosis aided by an enlarged digital image of your tooth and mouth on your computer monitor.

An extra benefit is that you see everything we see and so you can be a better participant in the treatment decisions.

Doctors will not need much time to describe the pathological lesions they will easily show them.

Demetron shade light - a device used to highlight the color of the teeth.

In the process of executing porcelain crowns one of the most important parts is to determine the color of the future teeth that must be in the perfect natural hue existing in the mouth.

For this we use Demetron shade light - a device that delivers a perfectly neutral light in any day, either cloudy or sunny.


Autoclave - according to European sterilization rules (including sterile foil filler)




The filling materials are 3M composite materials.


Filtek ™ Supreme XT - the most innovative composite specially created for aesthetic dentistry


Disposable materials: glasses, needles, gloves, bibs, masks, mouth suckers .


Materials for disinfection and cleaning of the instruments and surfaces are  from Schuelke

Disinfection of instruments and equipment is the number one priority of Dental West clinics.

For this reason we use the whole range of disinfectants from Schuelke.

- Rapid disinfection of unit surfaces between patients - Mikrozid AF

-cleaning and washing with disinfectant effect on the instrument - Gigazyme

- microblogical disinfection of the instrumentation - Gigasept

- decontamination of pavements - Teralin

- disinfection of dental aspirators - Aspirmatic

- disinfection of rotary instruments - milling cutters, needles, needles - Rotasept


Wireless Internet  in waiting rooms and PC connected to the Internet.

Internet Wireless si PC conectat la internet in salile de asteptare Dental West


Wireless Internet and PC connected to the Internet in Dental West waiting rooms.


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